Tractor Engine Oil (20w40 API CF4)

Havoshine Tractor Engine Oil (20w40 API CF4) is multi grade engine oils, meeting API:CF performance requirements, specially formulated work for use in tractor engines, operating under severe torque and load.

Benefits :

  • High viscosity index of oil enbles, opeation of engine in extreme temperatires.
  • Easy cranking and quick starting at low temperatures.
  • Good anti corrosion, antirust, anti oxidation and anti wear properties.
  • Reduces oil consumption and keeps engine clean from sludge.
  • Increased oil drain interval and fuel efficiency.

Performance Level :
As per IS 13656-2002, US Military MIL-L-2104C, API;CF

Packing Available :
1Ltr/ 3Ltr/ 3.5Ltr/ 5Ltr/ 7.5Ltr/ 10Ltr/ 15Ltr/ 20Ltr/ 50Ltr/ 210Ltr M.S barrel