Multigrade Engine Oil (20w40 API SC/CC)

Multigrade Engine Oil (20w40 API SC/CC) API SC/CC high quality performance multigrade engine oils, meeting API:SC/CC performance requirements, formulated from selected base oils and additives, to suit petrol and diesel engines.

Benefits :

  • Viscosity suitable for wide range temperatures and different engines.
  • High performance features, keeps engine clean and minimizes maintenance cost.
  • Good anticorrosive, antiwear, antirust and antioxidation properties.
  • Reduced exhaust emission due to high detergency.
  • Increased oil drain period due to good dispersant properties.
  • Lower oil consumption and increased fuel efficiency.

Performacne Level : As per IS 13656-2002 , US MILITARY MIL-L-2104B & API:SC/CC specifications.

Packing Available : 500 ml|1 Ltr|1.5 Ltr|2 Ltr|3.5 Ltr|5 Ltr|7.5 Ltr|10 Ltr|20 Ltr|50 Ltr| 210 Ltr