EP-90 Gear Oil

EP-90 Gear Oil are premium quality gear oils EP Type GL-4 which are blended from highly refined  base oils having high viscosity index & good oxidation stability. These oils are also fortified with combinations of additives which provides outstanding load carrying properties, good anti foaming / anti wear characteristics for long term performance.


Recommended for Hypoid, spiral bevel, spur and double reduction constant or synchromesh gear boxes, transfer boxes steering boxes and oil lubricated universal gear joint, requiring EP type GL-4 gear oils.


Product Features :

  • Smooth gear changing/shifting and long drain interval.
  • Anti foaming and good film forming.
  • Protection of gears under high speed low torque & low speed high – torque conditions.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

Performence Level : IS 1118-1992 (EP TYPE GL-4), US MILITARY MIL-L-2105, API:GL-4 specifications.


Packing Available : 500 ml | 1 Ltr| 5 Ltr|10 Ltr|20 Ltr|50 Ltr| 210 Ltr


SAE Grade EP 90 EP 140
Viscosity, cST@1000C 17 32
Flash Point0 205 205
Colour Golden Golden
PACKING AVAILABLE   1/2, 1, 5,10, 20, 50,Ltr Plastic Pack,210 Ltr Drum Pack

Note : As Per API GL4,IS:1118-1992 Specifications