About Us

We, Havoshine Lubricants, a leading manufacturer of greases and lubricants with close to 10 Years of industry and brand presence. We have very extensive range of lubricants and greases to meet your requirements and specifications.

We are catering to number of clients from all region of india.

We boast of the infrastructure and resources that we have in our company. We have a group of sale, excellently skilled and well trained in the modern technologies. We have sophisticated grease and lubricant manufacturing plant which help us to manufacture high quality products like Grease up to 4000 MT/ Annual and Lubricant—10000 KL/ Annual.

We have a very well-coordinated network throughout the country and across the border. We are able to bring the raw materials from different parts of India smoothly. Our supply never got interrupted by any network failure such as scarcity of raw materials or late receipt of order.

Customers Oriented Services
We regard the customer as the center of our business. So, customer’s satisfaction is our main motto. We are well-acknowledged for the customer oriented services that we provide to our customers within India and abroad as well. In case of any complaint, we never get late to solve it.